Who Is Kev Quirk?

Kev's Face

Hi there 👋 my name is Kev Quirk, welcome to my little corner of the Internet. On this page you can learn a little about me, my interests and what makes me tick.

During the day I work in the Information Security industry. I’m currently a Senior Vice President at Bank of America, where I lead the Cyber Threat Operations Centre (CTOC) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

I have worked in the InfoSec industry for over a decade now. Prior to this I was in the British Army where I served all over the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

In my personal life I’m a father of two and a husband of one. All in all I’m extremely privileged and very happy.

My hobbies & interests

Outside of work, I’m still a complete and utter nerd. I enjoy both writing and learning about privacy, open source software and web design/development. I’m also somewhat of a keyboard snob.

When I’m not sat at my keyboard, I try to keep fit by running a few times a week and walking the dog most days. I’ve even been known to head into the garage and lift some weights from time to time.

I’m partial to the occasional craft beer and spiced rum. Although I try not to conform with the binge drinking reputation that us Brits have.

I also have a deep love of motorbikes. I’ve been riding for many years and I’m am an advanced motorcyclist and member of the IAM. Having ridden many motorbike over the years, from large tourers, to naked sports bikes, I currently have something completely different:

Kev on his motorbike My motorbike – a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

We have lots of pets in Casa del Quirk. There’s a dog, a cat and 3 (yes, THREE) fish tanks, which contain approximately 100 fish in total and easily a couple hundred shrimp.


OK, enough about me. Let’s talk about the technicalities of how this website is put together. I’ve had a number of people ask me question like “what do you use for x?” So I hope this section will help.

This website

This site is built with the static site generator, Jekyll. The site’s theme was built by hand, by little old me and is hosted on Netlify.

The font I use on this site is Fira Sans Condensed, which is (in my opinion) a beautiful sans-serif font, created by Mozilla. For my code blocks I use Fira Mono and my ‘serif’ text (for things like quotes) uses Meta Serif which is a predecessor of Firs Sans from the same family.

My newsletter

My newsletter uses Buttondown at the back-end to manage the sending of the actual emails, as well as the subscribe/unsubscribe process.

Because both Jekyll and Buttondown use Markdown as their editing language, I can easily paste a blog post into the Buttondown interface so that I can send newsletter issues easily.

Something missing? If you think there’s something I should add here, please let me know.