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I try really hard to make my content as easy for you to get as possible. I’m a firm believer that readers shouldn’t have to go hunting for content; instead, bloggers like me should make the content available so you can consume it in a way that makes sense for you.

With that in mind, I publish my content in a number of places:

RSS feeds

There’s a number of RSS feeds available on this site. If you want to simply get every post I produce to your RSS feed, use the button below.

Subscribe via RSS

However, I also publish a separate RSS feed for all the categories on this site. So if you’re only interested in a certain subset of the posts I publish, you can subscribe to a specific category.

To do this, simply copy the link below, changing category-name for whatever category you want to subscribe to.

So if you wanted to subscribe to my opinion posts, then the link would look like this:

If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Every category page (you can find links to all category pages at the top of my archives) has a button at the top that you can use to subscribe via RSS.


Every one has an email addres, right? And not everyone uses RSS, in fact, many people don’t. So I thought it would be a good idea to allow you to subscribe via email too, if you wish.

This isn’t a newsletter - I’m not that hip. This service literally just regurjitates any new posts from my RSS feed to an email. You won’t get any spam, literally just my posts in their entirety, whenever I publish them.

All my emails contain an unsubscribe link in the footer, and like everything else on this site, there’s absolutely no tracking. If you want to subscribe via email, here’s a handy-dandy form:

The Fediverse (Mastodon)

Everything I write on this blog tends to be published on my Mastodon account too.

I do tend to publish other stuff on my Mastodon account too, as it’s my main social space on the Internet.

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