Blogging is cool as fuck, and here's a list of some of my fellow bloggers whose content I enjoy reading. You should probably check their sites out because, you know, they're Quirk approved. They're listed alphabetically, because I'm a nerd like that.

All these sites have RSS feeds, (because that's cool too), so you shouldn’t have any problems subscribing if, like me, you prefer to consume your content via RSS.

I've also included a handy-dandy OPML file that contains all the feeds in this blogroll so you can import them into your RSS feed reader.

Download OPML

Bradley Taunt

Brad, the perpetual tinkerer. He not only changes blogging platform on the regular, but also designs his own platforms to transition to. You know, because that kinda shit's easy. Minimalism is at the forefront of most of what Brad does.

Brandon Writes

Brandon writes (see what I did there?) about all sorts of topics on his blog. From tech, to movies, to sport, and everything in between. I've discovered a lot of other blogs thanks to Brandon's recommendations.

Chris Coyier

Everyone know Chris, right? RIGHT?! He's the guy that started CSS Tricks and CodePen. He's a pretty big deal and a great writer to boot.

Eddie Dale

Eddie is a web designer, digital minimalist and fellow Kirby user. Eddie writes about web sustainability, digital minimalism, web development and what inspires him.

Email Is Good

Another one from Chris Coyier, but this time about email and how great it is. A lot of people dislike email, but not Chris and not me. I really enjoy this blog.

Herman Martinus

They don't get more minimal than Herman's site. It's glorious in it's minimalism. It's just what you need and no more; I love it. He also writes about all kinds of things, from developing his blogging platform, BearBlog, to toe socks. Yes, toe socks!

Jack Baty

The hot takes, the photography, and the only man on the internet who changes his blog platform (and/or design) more often than I do. Jack's blog is great.

Jan-Lukas Else

Software developer, and long-term blogger who has created his own static site generator from the ground up. Jan-Lukas and I have exchanged emails many times and I consider him a friend.

Luke Harris

Luke is a good friend of mine, who helps me a lot with Simple.css. Although he's a web developer, he writes about all kinds of things on his blog - it's a personal blog in the truest sense of the word, as it doesn't have a particular topic, which I love.

Manu Moreale

Ah, where to start with Manu. His is one of my favourite blogs; although he too is a web developer, I don't think I recall as single post on his blog about web dev. Manu's blog is a must read.

Nicolas Magand

Another fantastic blog, and another good friend with whom I email regularly. A true personal blog where Nicolas writes about anything that's floating around his grey matter at the time.

Niq Bernadowitsch

Niq is a UX designer with a particular penchant for accessibility. Niq and I have conversed over email a number of times, and our opinions on things seems to align pretty well. His blog covers all kinds of topics, and it's one I get excited about when I see it in my RSS feed.

Own Your Web

Not actually a blog, but a newsletter that's maintained by Mattias Ott, but it has an RSS feed, and it's posts are published to an archive, so it's basically a blog. Anyway, Own Your Web is all about owning your content and running your own blog. It's a great resource for any budding (or experienced) bloggers.

Robb Knight

My PenPal for December 2023, Robb's site is just glorious to go clicking around. I love the design of it, so much so that I stole his menu design. A prolific creator of cool projects too, Robb's blog is one of my faves.

Robin Rendle

A brutalist blog design, coupled with amazingly well presented (and written) essays, Robin's blog is a treasure trove of interesting posts.