I miss the good old days of the Internet, so after seeing Manu do the same thing, I decided to create my own guestbook.

I loved a good guestbook back in the day, so figured this would be a fun little feature to add. Please do feel free to sign this guestbook using the form below.

Sign my Guestbook

All guestbook entries will be held for moderation before being published. Sorry, but the spam is real. 😞

Nathan DeGruchy

Hello Kev!

Mark Pitblado

Always love reading the blog, and has inspired me to get into the ethos of the small web! I appreciate how Kev always seems down to earth in his writing.

Matt Stein

Hi Kev! Longtime fan, first-time guestbooker. I appreciate your internet website.

Alexander Welsing

Love your blog entries! Always enjoy seeing them on my feed

Barry Sampson

You're one of the bloggers who inspired me to get back to the old ways. Thank you!

Kristófer Reykjalín

Hello there! Love the blog Kev and miss the newsletter!
Frequently come here to check in on your design updates, those are always fun to see :)

Eddie Dale

You keep raising the bar for personal websites, Kev! Love it! Great idea to revive the classical guestbook ✌️

Derek Carter aka Goozbach

YAY! I love this!

Jarrod Blundy

Hey buddy! Cool guestbook, great site!


Hey Kev! Been a big fan of the site for years. Keep up the great work!

Brian DeVries

Hey Kev!

I enjoy seeing your new posts and having my viewpoints either reinforced or challenged depending on the subject 👍🏼

Jan-Lukas Else

Hi 👋 I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing how your website develops 🙂


Hey Kev. Your work with Fosstodon and this blog are awesome. Keep it up.

Mike Haynes

Hey Kev, I always enjoy your writing. Excited to see guestbooks making a comeback. 🎉


As if we needed another excuse to visit this delightful website!

Barry Hess

Thank you (and Manu) for encouraging me to tinker with my site. Everyone needs a guestbook, yeah?!


I want one!


Ben Burbage

Hey Kev! Enjoy reading your blog. Keeps reminding me that I really need to give mine some attention!

Thomas Rigby

oh hai, Kev! Nice guestbook!


This brings back memories and hopefully for anyone discovering this for the first time - 👋!

🤞 let's hope people rediscover the joy of the web again.


I miss the good, old internet too! great idea :)


Saw this in my feed reader today & had to check it out for myself. Also, Markdown: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Abdo Daoud

Always enjoy reading your posts. You (among others) have inspired me to blog more as well. Keep it up!

Habib Cham

Love the diversity of blog post entries on your site. I still chuckle at your ‘stuck in a chicken coop’ blog post.😅

James Musselman

Hello Kev! I'm enjoying all the colors! This is a cool guestbook and keep up the awesome content!


Honestly, you are one of the torchbearers of the IndieWeb culture. I've been reading your blogs for 4 years if not more and it is always great to consume your content.

Confession: I tend to copy your design for my own little home on the web (sowwy :P)

Dušan Mitrović

Hi Kev!

Your content convinced me to take my own blog more seriously. I might've given up otherwise. It's always fun reading your articles, especially given how diverse they are. Keep up with the good work!

Ted Magaoay

You're the one I'm most excited to see in my RSS feed Kev. I super like your writing style.

Misir Jafarov

Hi Kev, this seems cool! Thanks for inspiring us (:

Prince Alarming(aka Doug)

Hi Kev. Been a minute since I've been on Fossdom via Manyverse. Been a little busy between work, home life, and school. This is a cool guestbook.

Pete Moore

More Web 1.0 vibes? Check.
Lack of surprise in seeing this from you? Also check.

It's always a pleasure to see your blog show up in my RSS feeds. More than happy to leave my mark of respect and appreciation, in the hope that others can enjoy it in theirs. Cheers to the old web, Kev!

Manu Moreale

Hi, I'm Manu, and I approve this guestbook! Keep up the awesomeness Kev!

Harriet Franke

Guestbook gang going strong!

Emanuel Pina

This makes me feel like the 90s again, and I love it. It's possible that it's because I was a worry-free teenager. But I remember those years as simpler times. The internet was a wonderful place to learn and connect with others. Thanks for your help keeping that part of the internet alive.

Christopher Harper

Reading via RSS from Guam. Glad to visit the site from time to time too. Cheers.

Rezha Julio

Now I wish I have a guestbook.


Honeypots no longer work? Damn, then I'll have to come up with something else for a project.


Hello, there!


Love your rss feed + mastodon account
(But also your opinion on social media)


Bryce Wray

Hi, Kev. Sorry you’re dealing with the spam. :-) Hang in there, sir.

Vachan S Panicker

Hey Kev,
I love your blog posts and have learned a lot from your posts and work. I also love simple css!
Keep up the good work

Konstantin Tutsch

Hi, I'm just here to add a little bit of 💩 to your guestbook! You just wrote about that, so why not?

No seriously, love the guestbook 👌


Hi Kev, enjoy reading your site as well as following you over on Mastodon.

Rob F

Goodness me, guestbooks take me back 25 years or so. Makes me feel old! Great you're giving it a go.

Tom Atkins

Fair play for keeping independent web publishing fun!

Alvan Rahimli

Hey Kev!
It's unfortunate that I'm too young to have experienced the best times of the web, but it's interesting to see what's left of it. It has motivated me to add something similar to my website too.

Keep up the great work on your blog <3

Griffin Judy

Keep up the good work!

Adrian Cochrane

Long time subscriber to your feed here!

Roberto Zoia

Hello Kev! I've been following your blog for several years now. Always inspiring and interesting. Thanks for your work!


History has come full circle, the guest books are back ;-)

thank you for this blog, because it's a great place - good job ❤️


Hey Kev! Always a pleasure seeing your blog pop up in my RSS feed.

Adam Stück

Must sign guest book

Joost van der Schee

Awesome... old skool fun! I read (almost) all of your posts. Keep up the good work!

Esben M. Rahbek

Thanks for inspiring me to create my own blog. It is doing wonders for my creative momentum on all fronts, by being my own small, sacred space that nobody can touch.

Keith Millar

Enjoy viewing your sites and following you on Mastodon


Excellent blog, Kev. Been subscribed to your RSS feed since I discovered your site some months ago.

Michael D

Huge fan of your blog Kev. You inspire me to put continually more effort into mine. Thank you.


Hey Kev, reading your updates has poked me to put some effort into updating my own site. Just need to find the time!


Leon Mika

Hi Kev, I enjoyed your pen pal posts with Robb Knight last December. I also really love Simple.css. Whenever I come up with a new site, it’s the first thing I reach for. Thank you very much for both.


Keeeeeev! Keep up the good work 😎

Omg I can choose a card colour? 💛

Kurt Bestul

Thanks for your site and for fosstodon! Hope you'll keep sharing your interests and insights.


Hi Kev, I'm Rae. I discovered your blog through Manu's. I read your post, The Web is Fucked, and I really like your writing style. I look forward to poking around your website a lot more. Thanks for creating this cool little corner.
And oooo- I get to pick my own card color! fun : )


Very nice, I might add one to mine too one day! I really enjoy your website!


Hi Kev. I truly enjoy your website, found useful insights and interesting content. Definitely going to implement a guestbook in my site.


Nice new Layout 👍. Congratulation!


I like this website so much!! Great work!!


Love your blog posts Kev!


It's 2024 and there are still guest books on websites. I think that's great.

It's 2024 and there are still guest books on websites. I think that's great.

I'm always happy to read new articles from you.
Best regards


Your simple.css project is awesome!

Gabriel Augendre

A guestbook in 2024! What a world we live in 🤩
I appreciate your content Kev, keep it up!

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