A while ago I wrote about seeking PenPals, where I asked if any of my readers would like to become my penpal for a month. The "rules" are simple:

I'm not currently taking on new PenPals as I have a list of cool people until the middle of 2025. If this experiment goes well, I'll add more dates in the future.

My PenPals

Here's a list of the fine folks that have signed up to be a penpal of mine. If the card is grey, I haven't started my month with that person. If it's colourful, you can click the button to read our conversation.

Jarrod Blundy

November 2023

An Eagle Scout, hiking and climbing guide, technology nerd and very interesting guy. I really enjoyed my month getting to know Jarrod.

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Robb Knight

December 2023

Lead developer at Radweb working on InventoryBase, a member of DevsDoDesign, an award winning hackathon team, and a podcaster with two shows. He also makes a bunch of stuff.

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January 2024

Tim has a vast list of interests including computers and gadgets, fishing, history, reading, writing, fitness and more. He could be found jabbering on about any one of them.

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Joel Chrono

February 2024

A guy who likes tech, FOSS and many other things. He was born in Mexico, where he still lives. Joel studied Mechatronics Engineering and currently works in the automotive industry.

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Wouter Groeneveld

March 2024

Wouter is a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, a bread baker's degree holder, a lover of fountain pens and an experienced programmer.

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Nathan Palmer

April 2024

Nathan is a person who enjoys many things, including; Geocaching, Servers, ARM systems, UNIX, LINUX, Flying, UASs, Transit Systems, Skiing, and much more.

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Jack Baty

May 2024

Probably the only man in existence who changes his blogging platform more than I do. Also an incredibly talented photographer and technologist.

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Duarte O.Carmo

July 2024

A technologist, born and raised in sunny Portugal, now based in Copenhagen. His work lies in the intersection of Machine Learning, Data, Software Engineering, and People. Duarte is in love with Technology, and how it can improve people's lives.

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Andre Schaapherder

August 2024

I can't actually find a great deal out about Andre from his site. I'm looking forward to learning more about him during our month of writing.

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Michał Żelazny

September 2024

An electrical engineer by education, manager by profession. Michał has worked in companies small and large, designing, building, managing projects and teams. He know's the perspective of an engineer and a manager. An employee of a corporation and a small family business. He also ran his own business for a while.

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Dom Sagolla

October 2024

Dom is another one who doesn't have a great deal of info on his site about him. He does, however, have an incredibly good domain name.

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Parker Glynn-Adey

November 2024

Parker teaches maths at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, and at various outreach events in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are curious about what he's current doing check out his now page.

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Robin Boers

December 2024

Robin is from the Netherlands. He enjoys coding, playing around with computers, and building websites. He also hates the web.

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Farai Gandiya

January 2025

Farai is just some random guy on the internet.

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Rafał Pastuszak

February 2025

A product developer, working at the intersection of technology, design & mental health.

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Colin Walker

March 2025

A husband, father, nerd, and mental health survivor from the UK.

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Victor Velten

April 2025

Father of 3, Victor is a backend software developer who works on building AWS infrastructure.

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Joskua Malfavon

May 2025

Food Scientist and Biotechnology Engineer. His professional interests are product R+D and sensory analysis. Joskua also has experience with knowledge management. Outside of work, his interests include visual arts and video games.

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