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I Asked AI to Generate a Headshot for Me

15 Nov 2023

I needed a new headshot for work, as I was pissed in my old one. But instead of getting a photographer, I asked AI to do it for me instead.

A while back I decided I needed a new headshot, as the one I currently use everywhere is from a night out with friends where I'm actually little drunk. It was an okay picture of me, so I decided to edit my friend out of the picture, remove the background, and use it:

Me and my friend...slightly drunk
The original picture
My old avatar
My (edited) avatar

Now this is fine for my personal profiles, but I also used that avatar in work and on LinkedIn. So I needed to come up with a more professional picture for those kind of situations.

I seriously considered hiring a photographer to do a proper headshot for me (and I still might), but serendipity struck and I received an email from Aragon AI, who claim they can turn your selfies into professional headshots.

I had a look at their pricing and it was $29 for "20 high-quality headshots". Deciding that was way cheaper than what a photographer would cost, I decided to give it a shot.

This wasn't my first foray into AI, but it was my first time with any kind of AI imagery, so I was excited to see what it could do. I went ahead and paid my $29, uploaded a handful of pictures from my phone, and left Aragon to do its thing.

The results

For $29, I wasn't expecting miracles. An hour or so later I had my results - apparently I qualified for a free upgrade and they ended up generating a tonne of images. Like, over 100. Here's some examples:

Three handed Kev
Three handed Kev - also, what's the book about?
Better call Kev
Better call Saul Kev
Fat Kev
Fat Kev
President Kev
President Kev
What the fuck, Kev?
What the fuck, Kev?

Okay, so the result weren't great. But I continued to trawl through the headshots and ended up settling on 2 options that actually look a lot like me:

AI headshot that's actually ok
Option 01
Another AI headshot that's actually ok
Option 02

In the first image, the collar of the shirt is all fucked up, but it actually looks a lot like me. Like, 99% like me. There's a couple of very minor differences, but they would only be noticeable by someone who knows me really well.

The second image looks like me too, but the teeth are wrong; again only someone who is really close to me would notice that. In the end I decided to go with option 1. I cropped out the fucked up collar, played around with it a little and gave it the same coloured background I've been using everywhere else. For more professional settings, like in work and LinkedIn, I kept the outdoor background.

My new avatar with a yellow background

Final thoughts

Will I keep this avatar? Probably. It's better than an image of me half pissed from a night out with some friends, and it saves me the embarrassment of having to pose for a photographer.

Overall, I think it was $29 well spent. Most of the images gave me a good laugh, and I managed to pluck out a couple of usable ones, so that's a win, I think.

Aragon claimes that the more images you upload, the more accurate the results will be. I'm not really one for taking selfies, so I didn't have many, but I might try building up a little collection and trying again to see if I can get more accurate results. In the meantime, this one will do.

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