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18 Jun 2022 | ~1 minute read

Ever wondered something about me or wanted to ask me a question? Probably not, but here’s your opportunity to ask me anything you like.

I got this idea from Björn Wärmedal, who posted the same thing recently. As Björn said, this could be fun.

But why?

Great question. Well, not only could it be fun, but when I recently wrote why an about page is important, I talked about how it’s important for your readers to connect with you.

This will (hopefully) help with that. I don’t share a great deal from my personal life on this blog, so if you want to get to know me a little more, or if you want to ask a technical question. Be. My. Guest.

You can ask me literally anything you like and I’ll do my best to answer. If anyone does actually bother asking me a question, I’ll post the answers here on this blog.

Use the reply by email button below to ask your question(s).

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