01 Mar 2024 | ~1 minute read

I read this post while I was in bed last night. It's a fascinating insight into some of the conversations that go on behind the scenes when these hugely popular sites are sold.

Reading the post I sympathised with Chris, as back in 2012 I sold a site myself. It was maintained for a few years, but eventually fell to rack and ruin. It's now a completely different site with none of my original content on it. 😞

Thanks to the Internet Archive, most of that content still lives on, so I've been working on creating an archive of that content over the last 6 months or so. I already did one site, and that took me ages, so I imagine this one will take a while to do too.

Anyway, I can understand where Chris is coming from in this post. I'm obviously nowhere near his scale, but it's sad to see all one's hard work fall by the wayside.

I hope that Digital Ocean come up with a plan to reinvigorate CSS-Tricks. It's really sad to see it there, rotting away, in the wilds of the internet.

Also, Chris Coyier smells like donkeys. 🫏 😂

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