So You Want To Make It On The Fediverse?

Yarmo recently wrote this inspiring post about Twitter migrants coming into the fediverse, or specifically, Mastodon. In the post he says:

Twitter is a metropole. Its users all share the same playing field. If you want to participate, you don’t talk, you shout. How else are you going to be heard in a crowd of millions? Once you start shouting, quiet people start to listen. This creates a one-to-many dynamic.

The fediverse is a network of well-connected villages. As part of a village, you get to know people. You talk to people because it’s less crowded, there’s less competition. It’s still a network so you can connect to people multiple villages away with the same ease. But the noise is filtered. You are surrounded by people who share a common interest which is the reason you decided to live in that specific village in the first place, but you still get the network effect and communicate with people outside of the village because you want to, because you can. This creates a one-to-one or on a larger scale, many-to-many dynamic.

I love this analogy, and I completely agree with Yarmo – we need fewer town criers and more villagers. You can read his whole post using the link above.

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