08 Jan 2024 | ~2 minute read

I completely agree with Giles on this. Here's the paragraph that resonated with me the most:

We need more self-hosted platforms for personal publishing that aren’t Wordpress. And don’t point me to Hugo or Netlify or Eleventy or all those things - all of them are great, but none of them are simple enough. We need web publishing tools that do not require users to open the Terminal at all. And we need lots of them.

He's dead right. SSGs and their ilk are simple for developers but not simple for the vast majority of people. We need tools that are simple to use, simple to manage, and simple maintain.

Hosted services like BearBlog come achingly close, but not everyone wants something that simple. And don't get me started on the shit show that is the IndieWeb and how complicated it is.

A couple of people have added theor own thoughts to this whole IndieWeb publishing thing, so thought it would be useful to link to them here too:

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