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Let's Be Accountable Together

01 Sep 2023 | ~1 minute read

So many people have reached out with messages of support following my "Fat Boy" post. I'm thinking maybe we should start a little mailing list?

Since I wrote the Fat Boy at 40 post a few days ago, so many people have reached out to offer their stories, advice and support.

It's been overwhelming how many people have emailed, so thanks to everyone that did.

Anyway, a few of those people are going through similar processes as myself, which got me to thinking...

What about setting up a little mailing list that we can all use to share ideas, spur each other on, and/or hold each other accountable.

If we do it, I'd like to keep it simple and use email, because everyone has an email address and it works well. I've never managed a mailing list though, so I'm open to advice/ideas.

I dunno, might be a stupid idea, but if you think it could be of use, get in touch using the button below.

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