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04 Sep 2023 | ~1 minute read

Since the last post, I've had a lot of interest in the mailing list idea, so I've set one up.

Just a quick post to let you all know that I've setup a mailing list for the weight loss thing. Since my last post, there's been a lot of interest from people to join in.

If you're interested in joining, you can subscribe in one of two ways:

Option 1 - Send a blank email to sympa@framagroupes.org with the following subject line (replace Name with your actual name):

subscribe accountable_together Name

Option 2 - Visit this link and click on the Subscribe button from the left-hand sidebar.

Quick note on privacy - There are no public archives, so it's private to members only. Also, any emails you send to the mailing list will be sent to everyone else from the mailing list address, so your email won't be exposed.

Hope to see you on the mailing list!

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