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Is Twitter Done Yet?

So Elon is completely screwing Twitter, I get it. But for many, many people it’s not newsworthy. Can we move on now, please?

I want to start by saying this is a completely selfish and purely opinionated post. I know many folks will disagree with me, but I’m allowed the occasional rant on my blog, right? 🙃

The last few weeks have just been crazy for me. Tomorrow is my last day in work for a few weeks, as I’m having surgery on Wednesday (everything is fine, it’s routine stuff), so I’ve been wrapping up work and preparing for that. I’ve also moved house, which is why things have been a little quiet around here.

With the house move complete, many boxes unpacked (thanks to my wife) and my day job in a good place ready for my surgery, I was hoping things would slow down for me a little.

But noooo, that gob shite, Elon Musk, decided to complete the purchase of Twitter and make a vast swaths of changes that appear to be ruining the platform. This in turn caused a Twitter exodus to Mastodon.

So what?

So what, right? What does that have to do with me? Well, I run one of the largest tech-focussed Mastodon instances on the fediverse. So for the last couple weeks we have been absolutely battered with Twitter migrants.

BTW, this is a good thing. I love that our little community is growing in both population and topics being discussed, but it has been really hard work keeping up with the folks coming over.

So anyway, our community has grown (it’s actually more than doubled in size), but even all the work to keep up with the demand isn’t the problem.

My problem is that everywhere I turn, I read about Elon fucking Musk and how he’s ruining Twitter. I just can’t escape it.

It’s all over my Fosstodon feeds.

My RSS feed reader is littered with posts about him.

News outlets are all over it.

Friends in work are talking about it.

I cannot escape it!

Not everyone cares

I had a Twitter account, but never really used it, so I took the opportunity to delete it during all this. Twitter isn’t important to me; it never has been. Threads annoy me, and my (albeit limited) experience of Twitter was that people were more concerned with growing their follower count, or progressing their career, than making genuine human connections. I don’t like Twitter and I don’t want to hear about how Musk is ruining ruining the platform.

Look, I get it. I’m sure it’s very important to some you and your circle of peeps. But next time you’re looking to write a post, tweet, or (hopefully) toot, please spare a thought for us non-Twitterererers. We. Don’t. Care. And we’re sick of hearing about it. 👍

…and yes, I get the irony of this post. 🙃


I’m not trying to stop anyone from talking about Twitter on Fosstodon. If you find the discussion interesting, please continue to discuss it.

Mastodon has filtering options so I can filter it out if it becomes too much. Or, I could be a grownup and just ignore it. 😂

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