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Fat Boy at 40 - Update 03

20 Dec 2023 | ~2 minute read

So I've been at this whole FatBoy thing since August. As a quick recap, I don't want to be fat when I hit 40, in August 2024, so I'm trying to fix it.

When last I updated you, I was at 106.4kg (234lbs), felling good and making progress. So here's where I'm at as of this last Monday, 18th December:

Original Current
Weight 110.9kg (244lbs) 102.9kg (226lbs)
BMI 31.4 29.1

So things are still going great - I've now lost a total of 8kg (17.5lbs), but more importantly my BMI is now well into the "overweight" category instead of the "obese" one. Thrilled with that.

Back in August I decided that my target would be 100kg (220lbs), but I'm so close to that now, and I have so much time left to go, I've decided to move the goalposts and make my new target 95kg (209lbs).

This would put my BMI at around 26, which is ever so slightly into the "overweight" category, but I would be 16kg (35lbs) lighter. So even though I'd still be classed as "overweight" I'd be way healthier.

I think 95kg is attainable. The process so far hasn't been that difficult. I've changed tactics a little; before I was monitoring my calorific intake on a daily basis. Now I'm doing it on a weekly basis, which seems to be working well for me, as it allows for me to have bad days, but catch back up over the course of the week.

For example, my wife and I decided we wanted take out last night. So I went mad and thoroughly enjoyed it, but today, I'll do an intermittent fast to catch the calories back up. I think I'm likely to put on a little weight over Christmas, but that's fine. I'll just continue to chip away at things.

The best part is that people are really starting to notice now. I'm getting a lot of compliments about my weight loss and I'm actually starting to see it in my face now too...I have cheekbones again!

Once I hit my target weight, I think I'll start some light weight training again too. I'm doing a fair amount of cardio these days, but I've always enjoyed weight training, so would like to get back into that too.

Anyway, things are going great, let's just hope they continue to go in this direction.

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