Kev Quirk

What’s the Point?

I’m a proud privacy advocate, but recently I’ve been wondering what’s the point? It’s a losing battle…

I’ve been De-Googling for years. Maintaining privacy online is an ever evolving challenge, and it’s one I’m starting to get sick of fighting.

I’m sick of being that guy who either won’t use a service that everyone else is on, or that guy who forces everyone to use a tool that no-one else uses.

I recently joined a local table tennis team and they manage the entire team via WhatsApp, so I had to start using WhatsApp again if I wanted to be involved.

We’re also moving to a new area, and the local community has a Facebook group. In order to be involved, I’ve had to open a Facebook account. I’ve taken steps to keep it anonymous, but still, it makes me feel dirty.

Privacy doesn’t exist online

Even me, a technical person, can’t avoid cesspits like Facebook and WhatsApp. Well, I could, but I don’t want to become a complete pariah.

Kev, you’re selling out for convenience!

All the privacy advocates

Yes. Yes, I am. But I’m sick of the battle; I don’t have the energy or inclination for it anymore.

Fuck the internet. Fuck Facebook. Fuck this.

The web is fucked.

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