26 Apr 2024 | ~1 minute read

I just read this post, and it’s something I’ve thought about a lot too. I have a Ko-fi page, like Manu. And also like him, I go looking for this kinda thing if I want to support someone, but I (again, like him) just have a little box wayyyyyy down below the actual post. Same with the “subscribe by email” box.

I’ve been thinking about making them more prevalent, maybe adding them right after the post, or within the post (not an overlay) but that feels a step too far to me. I dunno, I’m still noodling on it. (What do you think about this?)

As for advertising vs promotion, I personally think what Manu is talking about is well in the realms of promotion. To me, advertising is shilling other people’s shit. Whereas promotion is talking about your own stuff, on your own space. The two are completely different in my book.

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