Three Great Alternatives to the Casio F-91W

20 Jan 2023 | ~4 minute read

The Casio F-91W is a fantastic watch, but it's far from the only cool watch Casio produces. Here's some great alternatives.

We all know the Casio F-91W is one of the best watches ever made. That's not even up for debate at this point, but what if you want an alternative that's similar in size and function? Or what if you want something that's just as cool, but that little bit different? Well, dear reader, I have you covered.

Before we go any further, I'd like to apologise in advance for my awful photography. I'm not a photographer, and I'm still learning. So, once again, apologies.

F-91W with black background
One of my F-91W's

Casio's range of watches is vast, so the fact that there are, at least, 3 other watches in their range that are very similar to the plucky F-91W should come as no surprise, but which are the best alternatives to the F-91W? Let's take a look, shall we?

The Casio F-84W


As you can see, the F-84W is very similar to the F-91W in many ways. It's of a similar size and uses the same module as the F-91W. Unfortunately, the F-84W also retains the rubbish backlight from the 91.

What I love about the F-84W is that it has more of an old school vibe to it. Where the 91 has more of a nineties vibe, the 84 has a more understated eighties vibe, in my opinion. And being the old curmudgeon that I am, I prefer it. 🙃

F-84W and F-91W

It's worth noting that the Casio F-84W was designed as a Japanese market release, so isn't as readily available as the F-91W. This is a good thing though. Yes it means the F-84W is more difficult to come by (although they are readily available on eBay), but it also means that the 84 is rarer, and therefore cooler.

The Casio F-94W


Where the F-84W is a more old school interpretation of the F-91W, the F-94W (why do they all have the same name??) has a slightly more modern feel to it. The yellow is quite divisive, but paired with a grey and yellow NATO strap, like I have here, I think it looks great.

Once again, the F-94W is very similar in size and function to the F-91W, the only significant different is the notification "ring" toward the top-right of the LCD panel, which the F-91W doesn't have.

Unfortunately, the F-94W also retains the pretty rubbish backlight from the F-91W. It's marginally better, but not by much.

F-94W and F-91W

If you look at the comparison above, the F-94W is slightly larger than the F-91W, but it's hardly noticeable. It also doesn't have the same nostalgic design as the F91W or F84W, but if you want a more modern alternative, it's a great option.

Casio W86


Look at that word on the bottom of the W86, folks. It says ILLUMINATOR. That's right, the W86 has descent illumination, unlike the other watches in this list.

It's also slightly bigger than the rest of the watches listed here. So if you're a person with slightly bigger wrists, where the F-91W might look a little small, this one's for you.

The W86 has the same module as the F-91W, so functionality is pretty much the same too.

W86 and F-91W

Prices & final thoughts

One of the great things about the humble little Casio F-91W is it's price. It's all well and good comparing the size and features of all these watches, but what will they cost to add to your collection?

They're all slightly more expensive than the F-91W, but they're not obnoxiously expensive and are still well within the confines of a "cheap Casio watch". All three of these watches should cost somewhere in the region of £40 ($50) each.

F-91W alternatives group shot

These are all great alternatives to the venerable Casio F-91W, but if you love the form factor of the original watch, yet want something a bit different, there's also the Casio F-91W.

That wasn't a typo - the F-91W comes in a range of colours, where you can get the same great form factor, function and crappy light, but in a case that's a little different from the norm. I myself have 6 of them:

My F-91W collection

So next time you're on the hunt for a cool alternative to the (already cool) Casio F-91W, you have a number of options. Or, you could just stick with the F-91W and get an alternative colour. No matter which option you choose, I'm certain you will still end up with an extremely cool watch, for not much money.

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