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The World According to Kaleb

05 Dec 2023 | ~1 minute read

✍️ Written by: Kaleb Cooper
🏷 Genre: Non-fiction / comedy
🗓 Published: 13 October 2022
📄 Pages: 224
🧐 My rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2 stars)

Chipping Norton's celebrity farmer Kaleb Cooper has strong views on lots of things: sheep ('suicidal morons'), Jeremy Clarkson ('there are two types of farming, unless you count whatever it is Jeremy thinks he's doing'), goats ('they're a proper good clear-up animal, they eat everything - no wonder they taste horrible'), New York ('if it's like London, where there are no tractors, that's no good') and more.

In The World According to Kaleb, he shares his thoughts on topics such as philosophy, celebrities and why farming is the best job in the world. He even tells us why the chicken crossed the road. Dubbed 'the real star of Clarkson's Farm', Kaleb reveals his true, loveable, funny and down-to-earth self, with deadpan gags and unique observations that will have you crying with laughter.

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I really didn't think much of this book. Firstly, it was very expensive for an eBook, at £9.99. It was a little over 200 pages, most of which was silly images and memes, so in reality, it's probably 100 pages of actual text.

My wife and I really enjoyed Clarkson's Farm, and we both felt that Kaleb was hilarious, so I had high hopes for this book. Granted, it was quite funny and made me chuckle more than once, but it just felt like a bit of a waste of money. There was no real point to it, no...story.

I was after some light reading, after reading so much sci-fi lately, and I suppose it ticked that box, but I don't think it was worth a tenner.

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