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The New Mycroft Mark II

I just read this post by my good mate Mike Stone. In the post he talks about the redesign of the Mycroft Mark II that was announced.

I won’t spoil the announcement, or the look of the device, head over to Mike’s post to see that. What I wanted to say, however, is that they have re-based the Mycroft on a Raspberry Pi 4 and built a custom board for all the extra gubbins that they need.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Mycroft sold that extra board on its own. People could hack on it and create their own designs then.

Mycroft could even go one further an supply a RPi 4 upgrade kit Turn any Raspberry Pi 4 into a Mycroft!” 3D print your own case, or buy one of theirs, and away you go.

They could build a whole ecosystem out of it. Makes good business sense to me, especially since the Mycroft Mark II is like 53 years late at this point…

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