The Blank Box

12 Jun 2023 | ~2 minute read

I've been staring at a blank box for a little bit now, trying to work out what to write. This has never happened to me before. I think I know why...

I do enjoy the process of writing. I fire up my text editor of choice, Typora and away I go. Most of the time I have a topic in my grey matter that I want to write about, and if I don't, something usually comes to me pretty quickly. Which topics to cover aren't something I usually dwell on.

Today I feel like writing, but I have nothing to write about. I've been staring at Typora's abyssal blank screen for a little while now, but my grey matter remains as abyssal as the screen I'm staring at.

But why?

I think I know why - a lot of my inspiration comes from stuff I see and read on the Internet.

The thing is, I haven't been enjoying the Internet lately, so I haven't been spending much time on it. Summer is here, the weather is beautiful, and I'm very lucky to live in a 2.5 acre smallholding. So most of my free time has been taken up with that.

We've been cutting back trees, planting hedgerows, creating a vegetable patch and setting up a chicken coop. Aside from all this, I've been servicing my motorbikes and our mower, as well as doing some DIY around the house.

It has been magnificent.

Cutting the grass in one of our fields
Cutting the grass in one of our fields

So yes, I may be staring at a lifeless, colourless, blank box that's ready to churn through my mundane ramblings; but my life is more varied, more colourful and more full than ever.

So yeah, I haven't been spending much time online, but I have been living my life instead. All things considered, I think that's the best possible reason not to have anything to write about, right?

What does this mean for this site?

In short, absolutely nothing. I still enjoy writing, and technology is still a significant hobby of mine. But I may end up writing about more varied topics on this blog than just tech.

Maybe some stuff about the work we're doing at home? What we're growing etc? This is a personal blog, after all.

If you would find that kinda thing interesting, please let me know using the reply button below.

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