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Sony & XBox DDoS Attack Warning at Christmas

Whilst doing my usual rounds of nerdy articles on the Internet yesterday, I came across some news that apparently there’s going to be a Sony & Xbox DDOS attack this Christmas. The hacker group” that are claiming responsibility for this attack are going by the name of Phantom Squad”.

Phantom Squad are claiming that they will be taking both networks down for an entire week. That’s obviously pretty bad news for all the kids (and adults) that will be receiving new consoles and games on Christmas morning.

Professional gob shite, Kim Dotcom had this to say on Twitter:

Warning @Sony & @Microsoft. You had 1 year to upgrade your networks. If Lizard Squad takes down PSN & XBOX this Xmas, we’ll be pissed! RT!

Kim Dotcom (Twitter)

This Tweet obviously pertains to the DDOS attack that both networks suffered from last Christmas at the hand of Lizard Squad, rendering them useless for over 24 hours. Personally, I disagree with Kim’s opinion here. Why should gamers be pissed at Sony & Microsoft for their networks being down? It’s not them taking the networks down. Gamers should be venting their frustration at the right people — the douchbags who are running the DDOS attack.

They’re not hackers!

Whilst we’re on the subject of these idiot hackers” who intent to take down the Sony & Xbox networks. They are not hackers. At the very best, they’re script kiddies who are playing at being hackers. Maybe they just didn’t get enough love as a child, or maybe they’re just naturally fools. We’ll never know.

Either way, they’re not hackers. Anyone can download a tool and start a DOS attack on any server (Anonymous’ high orbit canon anyone?) It’s so easy to use that your Nan could become a hacker”.

There’s clearly very clever people at the top of the chain here, but the idiots at the bottom of the shit heap are nothing more than fools who think they’re sticking it to the man”. When really, all they’re doing is drinking the hacktivist” Koolade.

Such a bad thing?

Would a Sony & Xbox DDOS attack this Christmas such a bad thing anyway? Yes the people who are doing it are fools, and yes, people shouldn’t really be mad at Sony & Microsoft for getting attacked. But in my opinion, if the networks are down, it might force people to actually come together over Christmas, rather than getting square eyes in front of a computer screen. Just some food for thought there.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the possible upcoming Sony & Xbox DDOS attack. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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