Some of My Favourite Fonts

27 Oct 2023 | ~2 minute read

Matt Birchler recently posted some of his favourite fonts to Mastodon, so I thought I'd share some of my own favourites here.

Beautiful typography is something that's very important to me, I've even gone as so far as having my website torn apart by a professional typographer.

It's fair to say that fonts and copy is something that's near and dear to my heart, so when I saw this post from Matt, I decided it would be fun to share some of my own favourites.

General Sans

General Sans is the font I use on this site. It's very similar to Apple's system font, San Francisco. But it has a few little embellishments that the system font doesn't have.

General Sans example

If you want something that's similar to Helvetica, Inter, or San Francisco, but not as broadly used, you should check out General Sans.

Fira Sans Condensed

Fira Sans Condensed was created by Mozilla. Fira actually includes a whole suite of typefaces. There's a standard sans font, a monospace font, as well as some others.

Fira Sans Condensed example

I used Fira Sans Condensed on this site before I switched to General Sans. It's a great font that gives a more formal feel than General Sans, I think. Super easy to read, but it's very broadly used.


Like Fira, Merriweather offers multiple typefaces, both in serif and sans-serif. I coupled the serif version of Merriweather on this site with Fira. So it was Fira for headers and Merriweather for body text.

Once again, Merriweather is very broadly used, but it's a beautiful font, so I understand why.

Merriweather example

Merriweather and Fira go together really well. I personally used the light version of Merriweather, which is what's displayed in the example above.

iA Writer Mono

To complete the set of my favourite fonts, I'd be remiss if I didn't include a monospace typeface. So here's mine - iA Writer Mono.

iA Writer Mono example

I first discovered this font after the redesign that Andy Bell did on his site. He uses iA Writer Mono as the only font on his site, and it looks great. It's now the font I use on my code editor of choice, VSCodium.

Final thoughts

There's obviously tonnes of great fonts all over the internet, but these are just some of my favourites.

Do you have any favourites? If so, I'd love to hear your recommendations as I'm always on the hunt for new fonts - hit the reply button below.

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