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Running a Social Platform as Someone Who Dislikes Them

As co-admin of one of the largest tech instances on the Fediverse, it’s ironic that I struggle with social platforms so much.

After posting my yearning to bring back forums, Basil asked a very astute question over on Mastodon:

basil-post-fosstodon Screenshot curtesy of Mastopoet

Basil is right; I do struggle with the irony of running a social platform, yet being increasingly disenfranchised with the whole thing.

Sometimes is it somewhat of a hassle, but I think that’s par for the course for any admin of a large network, like Fosstodon. Having said that, Mike and I made the decision right from the start that we didn’t want the burden of SysAdmin to be on us, so we hosted with from the start.

That’s really helped, as Hugo - the guy who runs - has always been brilliant. Having said that, it’s still challenging being one of the admins of a platform that’s a) really large and going and b) I’m losing faith in.

To be clear, I’m not losing faith in Fosstodon in particular, or even Mastodon - I’m losing faith in all social networks.

As I’ve said before, I have no plans to leave Fosstodon, but I have taken a step back with my social presence. At this point, I work in the background to support Mike and the team, and I enjoy the interactions I have with those I follow, and who follow me. But I don’t visit the local timeline - I just stick to my bubble.

I’m really enjoying the engagement I get as a result of the posts I write here, both via email and on Fosstodon. So there’s no plans to change things. I’ll just keep to my little echo chamber, happily ignorant of what’s going on around the rest of the Fedi.

Real life is more important

Since moving house last year, real life has taken over completely. I’m less interested in technology and all the related stuff. I suppose it has given me some perspective? Spending a day in the garden, working the land or looking after our animals with the kids, is far more rewarding than any social platform can ever give me.

So that’s where I’m focussing my efforts. I’ll always be interested in technology. I’ll always enjoy the discourse I have on Fosstodon, but my real life” is far more important to me.

I’m not sure I’ve answered Basil’s question very well here - this post is rather shit and rambling. I may come back and edit it when I can arrange my thoughts more, but it will do for now.

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