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Rodriguez - The Superstar That Never Was

26 Jul 2013

If you read the about section of this website you will see that I am really into music, I love pretty much all types from old motown to modern/classic rock, to pop and indie. So it dawned on me, why don’t I write about it more online? In fact, I’ve never written about music.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I watched an extremely interesting feature length documentary called Searching For Sugar Man. Without giving to much away, Searching for Sugar Man is about a South African record shop owner who teams up with a local journalist to try and find out some of the background behind one of the biggest stars in South Africa – Rodriguez.

The soundtrack to the film is nothing short of superb, as is all of the music by Rodriguez. His music is kind of like a deeper, darker version of Bob Dillon’s music in that all his music poetically tells a story. Here’s a look at what is arguably Rodriguez’ most popular song, Sugar Man:

I think even the younger generation amongst us can appreciate that song. The thing is though, Rodriguez released two albums in the US under a very large record label but they both flopped…except in South Africa, but he didn’t know this though. Since those albums were released in the early 1970′s Rodriguez has spent his days working in the American construction industry.

Rodriguez has since been invited to South Africa and has completed a number of sell out tours were he has made quite a lot of money. However, being such a “normal”, down to earth guy he has returned to the USA and continued working in the construction industry and living in the same small apartment he’s lived in for over 40 years. Any money he has made has been give n to his children I believe.

Anyway, I strongly recommend that you check out Rodriguez and some of the superb music that this man has created. If you like rough around the edges acoustic old school guitar then you will love Rodriguez. He’s an amazing man with an amazing story, go check him out! I’ve been hooked on him since I watched Searching For Sugar Man, and so will you. Probably.

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