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Removing Mastodon Webmention From My IndieWeb

Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove the Mastodon Webmention integration into this site.

A few days ago, I wrote about how I’ve added some IndieWeb goodness to this site, which includes Webmention. I tend to post links to a lot of the posts I publish on Mastodon.

So, when people comment, like or boost my posts, I get a Webmention. This is great in theory, but I have nearly 10,000 followers on Mastodon. Because of this, my posts tend to get quite a lot of likes, boosts and comments.

This is a great problem to have, and I love the community on Mastodon. But I got rid of comments to get away from admin that they require. With each like and boost coming through as a separate comment, it’s too much.

Example comments”

I may bring it back in future, once I’ve matured the integration of Webmention into the site a little better, but until then I’ll be keeping the Mastodon integration turned off.

I was using for this integration - I’d highly recommend their service if you want to integrate Webmention from other sites.

Normal Webmentions for other members of the IndieWeb will continue to work as normal.

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