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My Name is Kev Quirk and I'm an Addict

10 Jun 2013 | ~3 minute read

For some people it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, even sex. But for me it’s domain names, seriously, my addition to gather ever more short and clever domain names is getting out of hand (but shhhh, my girlfriend doesn’t know!).

Why domain names?

I can’t really say to be honest, I just find myself wanting to find shorter and ‘better’ domain names all the time. The first domain I bought was around 4 years ago, and this was to create a professional looking email address for when I left the army and started job hunting in “civvie street”. I wasn’t doing nay kind of web design at this point.

After that came, which to be fair is my main staple domain as it’s easy to remember and I don’t really have to spell it out. If someone knows my name, then they can easily find my website with one of the two domains I’ve already listed. Not only that but I have a tonne of alais addresses setup so people can usually guess my personal email address if they forget what it is.

Next started my many exploits into the web design world, with numerous websites and numerous projects, most of which fell by the wayside (some of which has crazy old projects that I really should delete), but still I registered domains for all of them –,,,,,,, and many, many more. Most of which I have never used, I just had an idea and so bought them on a whim.

The shorter the better

Next comes my obsession with making domain names as short as possible, no longer was adequate for me. So I registered (which I still intend to use for when I start a family), then a bunch of other, progressively shorter domain names…fast forward to today and my “main” domain for my emails is, I also considered buying, but no one really knows that my middle name is Thomas so for the sake of one letter, it didn’t seem worth it (PROGRESS!).

I’ve tallied it all up and I currently have approximately 30-40 domains that I own (I told you I was out of control!) each costing anywhere between £8-£30 (around $16-$60) per year per domain depending on the type. This really needs to stop, so if you guys know any kind of ’10 step, wean yourself off domain crack’ programs then I’m all ears.

In the meantime I’m going to try and not register any more domain names unless I absolutely have to! Wish me luck…

Am I alone here, or are there any more domain addicts our there?

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