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LastPass Joins LogMeIn - What Now?

So as LastPass joins LogMeIn, and the password management world is all in a bit of a flutter, with many touting the move as an extremely bad thing for all LastPass users. Personally, I’ve moved to Dashlane. I’m still getting to grips with it, but a review will be out soon. So, why did I move?

LogMeIn Ain’t So Bueno

LogMeIn are widely regarded as an unethical company to both work for, and to get services from. Regularly changing prices, services and features with little or no notice. There are also security concerns with LogMeIn, having been successfully hacked on multiple occasions.

With this in mind, the backlash from the announcement on the LastPass Blog was far from positive:

Are you CRAZY?!? This news has just ruined my day. Now I’m going to have to spend this weekend moving to an other password manager. LogMeIn is probably one of the most unethical software companies in existence. Seriously, this is just one step above selling to the NSA. What contempt for your user base.

Well that sucks. Any recommendations for alternative password service?

Not great news! Absolutely love LastPass but got a bad feeling about this! Great for the founders, not so great for loyal customers.

This is just a few of the many negative comments on the post, it seems that the feedback is pretty much unanimous — this is a bad thing for LastPass customers.

Personally, I always liked the fact that LastPass were a no-holds-barred 100% customer focused company, who’s priority was customer security. That may not be the case once they’re under the wing of LogMeIn. I obviously can’t say for certain, but I also can’t be certain that this won’t be the case. So personally, I’m not willing to risk it.

After 5 years as a loyal LastPass Premium customer, I’ve had to say goodbye in favor of Dashlane. It’s a shame, as I absolutely love the service that LastPass provide, but so far I’m finding Dashlane as a worthy successor.

Only time will tell what direction LastPass will go in. But whilst we wait out the storm, I’m gonna use another service. Are you a LastPass user? Why not leave your thoughts in the comments below.


There is now a petition going around to try and stop the acquisition. You can sign it here.

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