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Is There A Better Term Than “Google It”?

12 Jan 2021 | ~1 minute read

I'm a proud privacy advocate. I have de-Googled where possible; I'm using DuckDuckGo for search, Zoho for email and a raft of other products instead of Google's offering.

But I still use the term “Google it” when referring to search.

…and I think most other people do too.

What's the alternative?

I could say “DuckDuckGo it” but most people would have no idea what I'm talking about, plus it doesn't role off the tongue very nicely.

Using “search for it” is non-contextual. Search for it where? In the drawer? Under the bed? What does “search for it” mean?

I'd prefer not to use the term “Google it” for obvious reasons. So, fellow privacy advocates, what's the alternative term for “Google it”?

After LOTS of feedback on Fosstodon I've decided to go with “look it up” because it's still 3 syllables and rolls off the tongue nicely.

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