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I'm Writing for MakeUseOf

23 Aug 2013 | ~2 minute read

I’m really proud to say that I have been offered a position on the MakeUseOf team as part of their regular writing staff. For those of you that don’t know, MakeUseOf is one of the most popular technology blogs on the planet.

With over 400,000 email subscribers (including myself), 227,000 Facebook likes, and nearly 60,000 Twitter followers, these guys are the best at what they do! Ask pretty much and techie that regularly reads blogs and they will have probably heard of MakeUseOf.

Early Days

At the moment it’s still early days for me, my first article was just published (which incidentally is the day after my birthday) and I am also on a one month probationary period. Provided I don’t make any stupid mistakes and screw up, then I think we should be ok.

This is a really great opportunity for to not only get my writing out there in from a of a lot more people, but to also get some great experience and hopefully learn from the pro’s over at MakeUseOf.

If you’re not familiar with MakeUseOf then I suggest you head over to their homepage and bookmark them now, or subscribe to their RSS feed/social networks as they have a tonne of great content for all techies. If you want to keep an eye on my own articles on MakeUseOf, then you can see my authors stream here.

I’d finally like to thank Tina Sieber who has really held my hand through the initial process of getting started with MakeUseOf, so from the bottom of my heart, thanks Tina. I would have been really stuck without you.

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