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I Messed Up

Picture the scene - I’m at my computer, working away and having fun messing around with some web dev stuff. I do this kind of thing all the time; it’s fun and web design is a hobby of mine.

This time around I was playing with the new Twenty Twenty-One theme by WordPress. It looks like a great theme - simple, clean and really good looking. So I wanted to take it for a spin.

Usually when I’m faffing around with this kind of stuff, I do it on a private sub-domain that only I can access. Today was no different…or so I thought. You see dear reader, I somehow managed to change the DNS record for my apex domain, instead of the sub-domain I was faffing around with.

This resulted in me replacing my live AWS Amplify hosted Jekyll website with the WP site I was pissing about with.

The fallout

I’ve already had a couple of people ping me asking why the hell I was pissing about with my website again, after promising to leave the bloody thing alone. Someone else also said that my RSS feeds have shit the bed again and spammed their reader.

EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL NOW! I’m really sorry if I caused you any hassle, all the RSS feeds are right again now and should self-correct, so don’t worry if you haven’t checked in the last few hours, you won’t get spammed (I hope).

Preventing a reoccurrence

I’ve already registered a playground domain that I will use for all my forms of web dev faffery, so this shouldn’t happen again (never say never). Once again, I’m really sorry if you were impacted by my ridiculous tomfoolery!

Normal service has resumed…promise! ?‍♂️

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