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A Fediverse Backup?

I have been thinking about having a backup account on the Fediverse, but I’m struggling with which service to use.

We’ve been having some challenges over on Fosstodon recently. Between availability issues thanks to large influxes of users, technology problems and DDoS attacks, it’s been a fun few months.

Problem is, when Fosstodon is down, I have no presence on the Fediverse, so we can’t inform people as to what’s going on. With that in mind, I’d like to setup an alternate account on the Fedi for me to use. Plus, it also allows me to post about my other hobbies outside of tech; like fish keeping, motorbikes, home steading etc.

My default was to open another Mastodon server with the amazing, but I quickly realised that if they have a technology issue, it could take down both my instances.

I needed to decentralise. (see what I did there? 😉)

I tried a self-hosted Akkoma server for a few days, but the headaches of managing a server became apparent, so I’ve killed that too. So what was I to do? Well…

Since writing about how confusing is recently, I’ve decided to make a longer term go of it. And since now supports the Fediverse, it seemed like a potential contender. It’s not been without it’s frustrations - I stand by my comments that it’s extremely confusing to use, but I’m getting there with it.

There’s also the cross-posting service they have, which may be useful in the future. I dunno. So I think for now I’m going to stick with as my other place on the Fediverse, so if you wanna follow me over there, please feel free. Here’s some links: uses RSS as a first-class citizen too (that’s really important to me) so if you prefer to just follow my microblog via RSS, you can do that too. Links are in the footer of my microblog site.

As I get more comfortable with, I’ll write a more in-depth opinion piece on whether my position on their service has changed. Until then, I’ll continue chugging along on both. and Fosstodon.

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