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Cows! 🐮

We now have 4 cows grazing in one of our fields, and it’s brilliant.

We have a couple of fields on our 2.5 acre smallholding, but one of the fields is too steep for me to mow on my Husqvarna 4x4 mower, so it’s grown pretty long with all the sun and rain we’ve had recently.

I got in touch with one of our local farmers to see if he could top the grass with his tractor. He said he could, but the grass is pretty good apparently, so he would prefer to put 4 of his cows on the field to graze instead.

We obviously agreed as we thought it would be pretty cool have a few cows milling about the place. Here’s a video of them being walked up our drive on the way to their new (temporary) home:

The white cow in the video is heavily pregnant - the farmer thinks she has around 5 weeks to go - so we might have a calf hanging around soon too.

I love living in the country. Here’s a pic of the cows in the field, sorry it’s not very good but they were enjoying the shade:


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