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British Army Cuts - What a Joke

22 Jan 2013 | ~2 minute read

Today it was announced that there is going to be a THIRD round of cuts to the British Army. This is all being done in an effort for the UK Government to save money and cut the deficit of the UK debt.

As an ex-soldier myself, with a lot of friends still serving in the military. I find this extremely frustrating. Why can’t the Government hit the country where it’s seriously wasting money? In the benefit system!

The benefit system in the UK is pretty much the best anywhere in the world. So much so that it usually means that claimants can earn more claiming benefits than they can in unskilled work. This causes some people to live on benefits long term. Sucking the life out of the economy. So if George Osbourne committed to clearing some of these scroungers from living off the state and paying something back then I think this would make a huge difference.


Before I get an influx of hate mail, I am not saying that anyone who claims benefits is “living off the state” or Scrounging. I am talking about the people who live long term on benefits and have absolutely no desire to get a job. Why can’t a system be put in place that if you cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are actively looking for work. Then your benefits get reduced.

Or, instead of giving actual money, give just the basics. Like the American’s do – food vouchers etc. This will mean that on benefits you only get what you need to survive and nothing more. You certainly won’t be able to afford the holiday this year (which is what many claimants can afford).

I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here but I think the Government are focussing their efforts in the wrong place. Instead of making hard working soldiers who risk their lives on a regular basis redundant. Get these parasites back into work and paying into the system – make jobs and get people into work. Don’t make more people unemployed. You’re supposed to be growing the economy, not making it worse!

These are obviously just my own personal views. Many will probably disagree. But making large portions of our Armed Forces redundant really isn’t the way to go here!

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