This page lists some of my favourite content creators. A traditional blogroll only covers blogs, but here you will also find some of my favourite podcasts and newsletters too.

Where appropriate, all my recommendations below have a link to an RSS feed (I think that’s very important), so you shouldn’t have any problems subscribing if, like me, you prefer to consume your content via RSS.

Any items marked with a gold star are my favourites.

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Ben Stokes

Tiny Projects

Awesome little web dev projects and whether they were successful.

A humanly curated list of fine personal & independent blogs that are updated regularly. No algorithms ever!

Bradley Taunt

CSS expert thst covers web design, tech, the Internet and website minimalism.

Chris Wiegman

WordPress guru, privacy advocate and interesting web stuff.

Desmond Rivet

Personal updates, the Internet, IndieWeb and privacy.

Gregory Hammond

WordPress, web design & development and general blog posts.


Web dev, meta about blogging and personal updates. Another one that’s similar to mine.

Jamie Adams

Technology, writing, Internet stuff and online privacy.

Jan-Lukas Else

Online trends, writing, web development, IndieWeb and privacy.

Joel García

Personal updates, technology, FOSS and privacy.

Joost van der Schee


An excellent web centric blog that talks about static site generators, web development and design.

Luke Harris

Interesting web design and technology posts.

Manu Moreale

All kinds of interesting technology, IndieWeb, social and community posts.

Marko Saric

Web development, WordPress, online trends, privacy & tracking.

Martin Underhill


Front end web developer that really focusses on accessibility.

Max Böck

Extremely talented web developer with some IndieWeb thrown in.

Mike Babb

Web development, open source software, online trends.

Mike Harley

Very similar to this blog; lots of great meta posts about web development and InfoSec.

Mike Stone

My fellow Fosstodon founder. Open source software, privacy, technology & online trends.

Nicholas Danes

Technology, meta and personal updates. Very similar to my blog.

Nick Saporito

Logos by Nick

Incredibly talented digital artist using open source software.

Ru Singh

IndieWeb, front-end web development and some really cool side projects.

Scott Nesbitt

Open Source Musings

Open source software and interesting link aggregation.

Steve Best

Opinions on tech, particularly Apple and Linux. Each page has a unique design which is cool.

The New Oil

The best online privacy blog out there, in my opinion.

Troy Hunt

Cyber security, online trends and online privacy. Very popular blog.


Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam is a British comedian, his podcasts contains celebrity interviews with a really funny twist.

Command Line Heroes

Covers nerdy things like the history of the Internet and programming languages.

Darknet Diaries

A collection of excellent InfoSec stories told in a very engaging way.

Land of the Giants

Multiple series of podcasts about internet giants, like Google, Amazon and Netflix and how they came to be.

Late Night Linux

A unique and funny approach to talking about the latest goings on in the Linux community.


A superb podcast that tells a different, and very indepth, story over each season. This one is bingeworthy.

Shop Talk Show

A web design & development podcast from Chris Coyer, the founder of CSS Tricks. Great podcast for all things WebDev.

Smashing Security

The best, most funny weekly InfoSec news podcast bar none. It’s a great one.


Tells stories every week from ghosts, aliens, conspiracy theories and everything in between.

This American Life

Even though I’m not American, this is one of my favourites. It tells all kinds of oddball stories every week.

WP Builds

Weekly interviews with different guests in WP. Also talk about all the latest goings on in WP.


Hacker Newsletter

Weekly highlights from Hacker News.

Master WP

Weekly newsletter about WordPress.


Highly curated web design, UX/UI newsletter.


Bi-weekly deep dive on all kinds of interesting topics.


Roundup tech newsletter with some really interesting posts.