Why the Casio F-91W Is the Best Watch Ever Made

25 Nov 2022 | ~3 minute read

I had to start on a high here, folks. In this post I'm going to prove to you that the humble Casio F-91W is the best watch ever made.

Even if you aren’t convinced by the end of this post, I hope we will be able to agree that the Casio F-91W is a fantastic watch for many reasons.

Ok, with that pre-waffle out of the way, let’s look at some of the reasons why the Casio F-91W is the best watch ever made…

Casio F-91W

1. It’s so cheap!

That’s right, it’s ridiculously cheap! Depending on where you buy it, it can cost as little as £10, sometimes going up to the dizzy heights of £30 if you’re unlucky or want one of the cool colour variants (more on those later).

For the mere price of £10, you get a watch that’s accurate to +/-30 seconds per month – that’s better than ANY automatic watch (yay for quartz!) – a battery that lasts up to 10 years, a stop watch, an alarm and an hourly beep that often reminds me to pickup the kids from school.

You even get an (albeit rubbish, but serviceable) backlight. I mean, c’mon, that’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think? Honestly, I don’t understand how Casio makes money from it.

2. Cool and vintage AF

The F-91W was first introduced in 1988 and hasn’t changed since then. So when we say vintage here, we really do mean vintage. It’s a piece of 1980’s nostalgia for less than the price of a couple coffees.

Some people don’t like the 1980’s look, I get that, but scroll back up and look at this thing again…it’s beautiful!

3. There’s different colours

You want gold? No problem. Silver? That’s fine too. Khaki green? Casio have you covered. Bright yellow…bright yellow?! Yeah, ok, they even have that colour if that’s what floats your boat.

I myself have 6 Casio F-91Ws in my collection, and they all have a completely different feeling to them. I love wearing them.

My F-91W collection
My F-91W collection

4. It’s iconic

The humble F-91W has even been used by terrorists as a timer for their bombs. Seriously.

Ok, that’s probably not the best way of being iconic, so let’s even things out a little…President Obama also wore an F-91W! See, they’re not all bad.

President Obama wearing a Casio F-91W
President Obama wearing a Casio F-91W...again!

Also, Casio also sells over 3 million of these things every year. They’re literally everywhere. Anything that sells in the millions has to be cool, right?

5. They’re copied

What’s the saying? Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? Well, the venerable F-91W get’s imitated a lot.

Copies of this plucky little watch litter the Internet. So much so that Casio had to add a validation mechanism to their watches to help prove they’re real.

It beggars belief that a £10 watch even has a counterfeit market, but it just goes to show how good this thing is.

I could go on…

But I won’t. I think you get the picture by now; for a mere £10, you get a watch that…

With all this combined, I put it to you, dear reader, that the humble Casio F-91W is the best watch ever made.

What do you think? Does something else eclipse the F-91W for you? If so, please let me know by using the reply button below. I warn you now though, you’re gonna have a hard time convincing me. 🙃

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