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Please Add RSS Support To Your Site

27 Aug 2019 | ~2 minute read

I recently discovered Jan-Lukas Else's blog, which contains a tonne of great posts - I'd strongly recommend checking out his blog if you're a techie.

While I was perusing Jan's blog, I came across his blogroll, which includes links to other blogs he finds interesting. Again, that list is well worth checking out as it has some good blogs in there.

Side note - I was thrilled to see this blog listed on his list, thanks Jan! 🙂

I went through the list, hoping to find some new feeds to add to my RSS reader. But I was surprised to learn that many of the blogs that Jan had linked to didn't support RSS.


I was able to find some of these people on Mastodon, so I will be able to consume their new content. However, some people had no obvious way to subscribe, so I will be unlikely to see their new posts in future.

There aren't many tech people that I know who don't use RSS feeds to consume news and articles, so by not supporting RSS you could be losing readers. I know for most people (myself included) writing content isn't about amassing a huge readership, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take steps to ensure our content is easy to consume.

If you own a blog, please make sure it supports RSS.

Oh, that reminds me, if you want to add the feed for this site to your RSS reader, it's /feed.

Can you think of a good reason NOT to use RSS on a website? What am I missing here?

If you want to read more compelling arguments about why you should have an RSS feed on your blog, you should read this great post by Paolo Amoroso.

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