I Have a Guestbook

27 Feb 2024 | ~1 minute read

After seeing Manu's guestbook, I had to get in on the action, so I've decided to create my own guestbook.

I won't go into detail about my love of the old web, and the indie web. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows how I feel about all that. If you don't know, and you don't mind the odd swear word, you can read my essay about it.

Anyway, last night I read about Manu adding a guestbook to his site. I think it's a fantastic idea, and it's something I've thought about in the past. But previously, this site was based on Jekyll, so creating one would have been difficult.

Now that this site runs on Kirby, it's much easier to implement dynamic content. So I thought why not!

If you wanna join in and sign my guestbook, use the button below.

Sign my guestbook

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