09 Mar 2024 | ~1 minute read

This post really resonated with me, and it's a topic I've written about before. I take it one step further than Niq though, instead of using addresses like social@, shopping@, newsletters@ I have fosstodon@, amazon@, ebay@ etc. There's a unique address for every service.

Well, I don't actually have those addresses. Instead I have a uniquely random email address for each service that's generated by my password manager, Bitwarden:

Bitwarden username generator
Bitwarden username generator

Your email address is sensitive personal information that needs to be protected.


I completely agree, Niq. A username is sensitive, and - in my opinion at least - it should be treated as another factor for authentication. So my username and my password are unique for most services.

Anyway, great read, as is most of Niq's stuff, so be sure to check out this post, and his others.

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