Casio MWD-110H Review

03 Feb 2023 | ~4 minute read


⏱️ Make/Model: Casio MWD-110H
📐 Case size: 50.8mm x 47.2mm
⚙️ Movement: Quartz
💦 Water Restist: 100m
🏷️ Category: Digital
💷 Price: £35 ($42)
🧐 My rating: ★★★★☆ / 4 stars

The Casio MWD-110H is a large brute of a watch, but it looks and works great. With 100m of water resistance, lots of features and a very rugged look, it's a cheap alternative to the venerable DW-5600.

The Casio MWD-110H is a relatively new addition to Casio's line up, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it in my collection.

With it's rugged, square(ish) face and large size, it's like the DW-5600 and the W-218H had a baby, and this is the result.

MWD-110H side-on

The size

The first thing I noticed when I took this watch out of the box, was just how big it is. I assumed the size would be similar to that of the DW-5600, or the W-218H. But it's larger than both.

In terms of size, it's actually closer to the DW-290, than the G-SHOCK, or the W-218H. This means that if you don't like large watches, or you have small wrists, this watch probably isn't for you. It's certainly no F-91W, that's for sure!

I have 7.25" (18.4cm) wrists, and it's on the larger side of what I think I can pull off:

MWD-110H on wrist

If we compare the MWD-110H to some the watches I listed above, I think the large size starts to become apparent.

MWD-110H and DW-5600
MWD-110H and DW-5600
MWD-110H and W-218H
MWD-110H and W-218H

The Casio MWD-110H is actually very similar in a lot of ways to the DW-290. The pushers looks almost exactly the same, and the two are comparable in terms of size and thickness:

MWD-110H and DW-290
MWD-110H and DW-290 side-on


Given the relatively low price of this watch, it boasts an impressive list of features:

For less than £40, that's really impressive. Unfortunately, the watch is let down somewhat by the backlight. It does have one, but it's similar to the F-91W. There's no electroluminescence here, it's just an orange LED to the left of the watch face.

Having said that, the MWD-110H does do a better job of lighting the entire face than the F-91W. So you shouldn't be caught short in the dark. I still would have liked to see that familiar blue/green glow when I hit the light button though.


I think Casio have taken cues from a number of watches to come up with the design of the MWD-110H. It's got the square(ish) rugged look of the DW-5900, the pips on the bezel from the W-218H and the taller screen and pushed from the DW-290.

But it does do it's own thing too. One thing I really love about the 110H is the brushed metal finish on the bezel. Now it's not up to the quality of some of Casio's other metal digitals, like the A1000 or the G-SHOCK GM-5600, but the plucky 110H is less than half the price of both those watches, and boasts more features!


Casio have managed a great balance of both contemporary and classic watch design with this one. The brushed metal bezel looks amazing, and the inner-face manages to harp back to some of the old school Casios in its design.

Couple the gorgeous brushed metal bezel with the dark green of the outer-case and strap (unfortunately this didn't come out too well on the pictures) and you have a really unique digital watch, with lots of features, for not much money.

Final thoughts

I think the Casio MWD-110H is a fantastic watch. When you take everything into account; the design, the features, Casio's great build quality, and of course the very low price. This is a lot of watch for the money.

If you're partial to a larger watch, have large wrists, or if you're looking for a high quality digital watch, but don't want to pay for a G-SHOCK, then the MWD-110H should be high up on your list of contenders.

Overall I'm really pleased with the Casio MWD-110H and it will be keeping a spot in my collection for quite some time, I think.

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