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Astrosaurs 📚

26 Mar 2023 | ~2 minute read

Astrosaurs book cover

✍️ Written by: Steve Cole
🏷 Genre: Kids Sci-Fi
🗓 Published: 2005 - 2013
📄 Pages: Usually around 120 pages
🧐 My rating: ★★★★★ / 5 stars

Astrosaurs is set in an alternate timeline where the dinosaurs survived the extinction 65 million years ago by escaping into space, settling in an area of space called the Jurassic Quadrant.

The Quadrant is divided between meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs, an organization of herbivores called the DSS helping to keep the peace.

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I thought I'd do something different today. The Astrosaurs books are technically books that I've read, but instead of reading them for my own enjoyment, I've read them to my kids at bedtime. They're a great read for kids and have kept my 2 boys hooked from the first book.

We haven't read all of them yet, but we're working our way through. So far we've read around 10 of them, but there's over 20 books in the series. I particularly like the premise of the dinosaurs surviving extinction because they were incredibly advanced.

A couple of the books also tangentially refer to humans within the stories, and both times it doesn't do so in a positive way. I found this particularly hilarious (and accurate).

Anyway, if you have kids that are around 10 years of age and enjoy reading, I'd highly recommend Astrosaurs. Conversely, if you're a parent with younger kids, like myself, they're also a great bedtime read by mum or dad.

If you can recommend any kids book to me, please get in touch using the reply button below. I'd love more recommendations to read to my kids.

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