AMA Responses 02

04 Jul 2022 | ~2 minute read

Ok, so here’s the second round of answers to my AMA. If you want to ask me a question, feel free to do so using the email button at the bottom of this post.

Björn Wärmedal, the man who gave me the idea for an AMA originally, asked a few interesting questions:

Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or know but never got around to? Which one, why that one, and why haven’t you learned it yet?

Yes. I always wanted to learn how to develop software. I think the things developers can do to solve their own problems, or scratch their own technical itch is amazing.

I never made time for it when I was younger, and now I have a family etc. my priorities have changed, so I won’t get time. Maybe it would be a good thing to learn as I move into retirement when I’m older. 🙃

Would you rather spend the majority of your time indoors or outdoors?

I’d definitely prefer to spend the majority of my time indoors. However, I’d prefer to spend the majority of my spare time out doors. I love being outside, rain or shine, I just much prefer it.

Is there an item of clothing in your wardrobe that you never wear but still keep for nostalgic or sentimental reasons?

There is, actually. Unfortunately, we lost my dad to cancer in 2008. He was just 47. I had a t-shirt that I borrowed off him that I was just going to wash and hand back, but then he passed away and I kept the t-shirt.

I’ve never dared wash it since, because it smells of him and I don’t want to lose that.

Finally, Haxi asked me the following question:

Do you like pineapple pizza?

Absolutely! Ham and pineapple is one of my favourite flavours of pizza and anyone who says otherwise is a philistine. 🙃

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