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A Case for Toe Socks

Not wanting to shy away from a challenge, I headed straight for Amazon and bought myself some toe socks. In his post, Herman lists a number of advantages to wearing toe socks, including them being plain better for your toes”.

toe-socks My toe socks

My thoughts

So I’ve been wearing my toe socks for a little over a week now and honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen the benefits of them yet. My toes do, however, feel like they have more freedom.

Toe socks are way more annoying to put on than a traditional pair of socks. Firstly, they can’t go on either foot - well, the ones I bought can’t, anyway - this is because of the size of the toe holes, and the shape of the heel in the sock. So it makes pairing them after washing a pain.

Secondly, my little toe kinda folds in on itself a little (maybe because I’ve been wearing traditional socks all these years? 🤯) so it’s very annoying putting them on. I have to piss about with my little toe to get it in there. Usually it take around 90 seconds per foot to put a toe sock on.

I have 2 dogs and a 2.5 acre smallholding, so I tend to do a lot of walking. I was hoping I’d really feel the benefit here, but honestly, my feet feel the same.

I don’t think I’ll continue to wear toe socks exclusively, but I did buy 5 pairs, so I’ll continue to wear them as and when I randomly pluck them out of my underwear drawer.

Have you tried toe socks?

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