A Case for Toe Socks

02 Jul 2023 | ~2 minute read

Not wanting to shy away from a challenge, I headed straight for Amazon and bought myself some toe socks. In his post, Herman lists a number of advantages to wearing toe socks, including them being "plain better for your toes".

My toe socks
My toe socks

My thoughts

So I've been wearing my toe socks for a little over a week now and honestly, I don't think I've seen the benefits of them yet. My toes do, however, feel like they have more freedom.

Toe socks are way more annoying to put on than a traditional pair of socks. Firstly, they can't go on either foot - well, the ones I bought can't, anyway - this is because of the size of the toe holes, and the shape of the heel in the sock. So it makes pairing them after washing a pain.

Secondly, my little toe kinda folds in on itself a little (maybe because I've been wearing traditional socks all these years? 🤯) so it's very annoying putting them on. I have to piss about with my little toe to get it in there. Usually it take around 90 seconds per foot to put a toe sock on.

I have 2 dogs and a 2.5 acre smallholding, so I tend to do a lot of walking. I was hoping I'd really feel the benefit here, but honestly, my feet feel the same.

I don't think I'll continue to wear toe socks exclusively, but I did buy 5 pairs, so I'll continue to wear them as and when I randomly pluck them out of my underwear drawer.

Have you tried toe socks?

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