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Welcome to the RSS Club!

Welcome to the RSS Club! If you’re reading this then you’re part of my secret society of loyal RSS readers. RSS Club posts only appear on my RSS feed - they’re not in any of the post feeds or archives on my site.

Well, kinda. I have an RSS Club page which has more info about this whole thing and links to these posts can be found there.

This seemed like a good idea since it’s important to have working URLs, because, you know, it’s the internet. So these posts have to exist somewhere, they’re just not that easy to find.

So this, dear reader, is my first post to the RSS Club. I intend to add the occasional post to the club, which only you will get to see. Pretty cool, huh?

The idea

I’d love to take credit for the idea of RSS Club, but alas it wasn’t mine. This great idea originally came from Dave Rupert. He describes RSS Club as the following:

RSS Club is a collection of blogs (personal and otherwise) committed to providing RSS-only content. It’s like a newsletter delivered to your feed reader in order to celebrate the medium of RSS and breakaway from social media.

– Dave Rupert

The rules

Just like that famous movie there are some rules to RSS Club, which are:

RSS as a technology is very important to me, so this seemed like a no-brainer. I don’t know what I’m going to post to RSS Club just yet, but per rule 3, I intend to add value. So that means I won’t just be posting opinions etc. I will be publishing legitimate posts on RSS Club.

I’m thinking my first post here will likely be instructions on how I set all this up on my Jekyll site.

If you’re a fellow website owner, why not consider doing something similar yourself? Just remember to abide by the rules set above.

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