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Anti-Social Update

It Only Costs a Coffee per Month

My Thoughts on the Remarkable 2

Anti-Social Media

A Fediverse Backup?

Thoughts on Editing Posts

Are you making these design mistakes on your blog?

Micro.Blog Is Still Confusing

An Algorithm vs Time

Three Great Alternatives to the Casio F-91W

Home vs Office Working

Does a Blog Need to Integrate?

Microsoft’s Bot CAPTCHA is Annoying AF

Is Twitter Done Yet?

The Casio F-91W Is the Best Smartwatch

Why Don’t We Have a Smartphone for Teenagers?

Remember When Phones Were Cool?

Twitter’s Echo Chamber of Pretentiousness

What’s the Point?

What if WordPress Didn’t Exist?

Why Forced Password Changes Reduce Security

Is DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckDone?

You Should Flip a Coin

AirPods Pro - 1 Week Later

AirPods Pro - First Impressions

The Expert vs the Impostor

The Mistborn Trilogy

What Is a Linux User?

What’s the Alternative to Firefox?

Gemini Isn’t The Solution To The Broken Web

Oh Spotify…

My Predictions For 2022

This Is What’s Wrong With The Linux Community

MacBook M1 - 4 Months Later

A Reality Where CSS And JavaScript Doesn’t Exist?

Forget Twitter Threads; Write A Blog Post Instead!

A Windows User’s First Impressions Of MacOS

Online Conversations & Website Engagement

Building A Self-Hosted Journal

Internet Cold Callers & Their Link Sharing Emails

Why I Delete Old Content

Is Windows Unstable? Here Are My Thoughts

My Thoughts On Richard Stallman’s Return To the FSF Board

The Wonderful World Of WordPress Wizardry For Working With Websites

Is JavaScript Bad? Well, Only If You Are Using It Wrong

My Thoughts On Micro.Blog

Life After WhatsApp; Becoming A Messenger Nomad

Removing Support For The IndieWeb

Replacing FreshRSS With Miniflux

The Apple Walled Garden

WordPress Creator Vs The Jamstack

Static Site Generators Revisited

Domain Squatters Are The Scum Of The Earth

Synology vs Nextcloud - Which Is Better For A Home Server?

Email Is Not Broken

Why Does Logitech Hate Left Handed People?

Centralisation and Mastodon

My Thoughts On Pop OS 20.04 After One Month

Mothballing The Meta Blog & My Plans For This Blog

My Approach To My Career

100 Days To Offload & Over-Saturation

Keybase, Zoom and Me

Confession: I Have No Idea How To Use Git

Recommended Read - A Biker’s Life By Henry Cole

Is Dark Mode Good For Your Eyes?

My Thoughts On Ubuntu 20.04

The Case For WordPress

Categorise Or Compartmentalise?

Moving To Progressive Web Apps

Librem 5 - My Thoughts

Reasons Why Zoho Mail Is Better Than Gmail

Coming Full Circle - From Grav To WordPress

Why I Use Linux

Microsoft Acquires GitHub — My Thoughts

Is A Password Book A Bad Idea?

Are Password Managers Really Worth It?

WFT Happened? Is Google+ Dead?

Red Poppy Fascism - Give Me a Break

Dreamhost - The Worst Web Host I’ve Ever Used

Rodriguez - The Superstar That Never Was

How Many Projects Can One Person Run?

Is It Right to Beg for Donations on a Blog?

Windows 8 Isn’t That Bad

Why I’ll Leave Ubuntu Linux

British Army Cuts - What a Joke