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The Blank Box

AutoTrader Scammers

I Re-Joined Twitter

I Won't Buy A YubiKey


Can I Use Data Files?

I’m a Fire Starter!

AirPods Pro - 1 Week Later

Clocker - The Best Time Zone App for Mac

On Burnout

Be curious…

This Is What’s Wrong With The Linux Community

Moving From Yoast To SEOPress

Story Time

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Killing The Meta Letter

The New Mycroft Mark II

[Response] Why Do People Use Medium Blogs?

Are WordPress Plugin Acquisitions Too Much?

Chrome’s Follow Button

Why I Hate The Tux Linux Mascot

Wanna Help With The 512KB Club?

The Case Against Signal

My Typical Day

Is There A Better Term Than “Google It”?

If It’s Free, You’re The Product

Add A Date To Your Posts!

Has Jupiter Broadcasting Gone Down The Pan?

My First Post On CSS Tricks

Git Lecture [video]

I Now Know How To use Git

How Many Devices Is Too Many?

Spotify For The Win

Writing With SEO In Mind

100 Days To Offload

So You Want To Make It On The Fediverse?

Why I Have A Blog

Removing Mastodon Webmention From My IndieWeb

Why I Don’t Use A Static Site Generator

Why Having A Full Post RSS Feed Is A Good Idea

Decentralised SMTP Is For The Greater Good

Why Is Better Than Hacker News

Privacy On Mainstream Media

Migrate From Windows 7 To Linux

Excerpt vs Full Content?

Categorise Or Compartmentalise?

Oh Freedom How I’ve Missed Thee!