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WordPress Creator Vs The Jamstack

Static Site Generators Revisited

Domain Squatters Are The Scum Of The Earth

Synology vs Nextcloud – Which Is Better For A Home Server?

Email Is Not Broken

Centralisation and Mastodon

My Thoughts On Pop OS 20.04 After One Month

Mothballing The Meta Blog & My Plans For This Blog

My Approach To My Career

100 Days To Offload & Over-Saturation

Keybase, Zoom and Me

Confession: I Have No Idea How To Use Git

Recommended Read – A Biker’s Life By Henry Cole

Is Dark Mode Good For Your Eyes?

My Thoughts On Ubuntu 20.04

The Case For WordPress

Categorise Or Compartmentalise?

Moving To Progressive Web Apps

Librem 5 – My Thoughts

Reasons Why Zoho Mail Is Better Than Gmail

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