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September 2023 (4)

Metro 2033

Clucking Good Fun 🐔

Fat Boy Mailing List

Let’s Be Accountable Together

August 2023 (4)

Fat Boy at 40?

Mower Failure

Rhythm of War

Running a Social Platform as Someone Who Dislikes Them

July 2023 (5)

Bring Back the Humble Forum

Fact: Crocs Are the Best Shoes on Earth

How It All Connects

A Case for Toe Socks

I’d Love a Dumb Phone, But…

June 2023 (5)

Getting Ready for Winter

Cows! 🐮

The Blank Box

Apple WWDC 2023 - My Thoughts

AutoTrader Scammers

May 2023 (4)

Words of Radiance

Underline Your Links

Anti-Social Update

It Only Costs a Coffee per Month

April 2023 (6)

My Thoughts on the Remarkable 2

Anti-Social Media

Moving from Jekyll to Blot

The Way Of Kings

Is Good Enough…Good Enough?

Building a Self-Hosted Microblog

March 2023 (7)

Astrosaurs 📚

I Re-Joined Twitter

I Won't Buy A YubiKey

A Fediverse Backup?

Thoughts on Editing Posts

Are you making these design mistakes on your blog?

Gideon The Ninth

February 2023 (7)

Adding Email Subscriptions

My Static Site Workflow

A Script to Automate Git Add, Commit & Push

Micro.Blog Is Still Confusing

The Wise Man’s Fear


Casio MWD-110H Review

January 2023 (8)

An Algorithm vs Time

I Was Nearly Phished

Three Great Alternatives to the Casio F-91W

Ten Years of Blogging

Responsive Navigation Menu Without JavaScript

Home vs Office Working

Does a Blog Need to Integrate?

Are Luxury Watches Worth It?

December 2022 (4)

Microsoft’s Bot CAPTCHA is Annoying AF

The Name of the Wind

Can I Use Data Files?

What Happens When We’re Gone?

November 2022 (3)

I’m a Fire Starter!

Why the Casio F-91W Is the Best Watch Ever Made

Is Twitter Done Yet?

October 2022 (2)

The Time My Nan Bought Me a Baby-G Watch

It’s all Gone Quiet Over Here

September 2022 (7)

The Casio F-91W Is the Best Smartwatch

My Blogging Utopia

How to Create a Simple HTML/CSS Notice Box

Why Don’t We Have a Smartphone for Teenagers?

Remember When Phones Were Cool?


Updating My Contact Email Automatically

August 2022 (7)

Ban the Spam!

Twitter’s Echo Chamber of Pretentiousness

Heaven’s River (Bobiverse Book 4)

Static Site Generators Are Easy to Use…Right?

Will the IndieWeb Ever Become Mainstream?

Five Years of Fosstodon Questions

Hunt for Better WordPress Hosting - Update

July 2022 (6)

Revisiting the Web Analytics Rabbit Hole

How Big Is a Billion?

All These Worlds (Bobiverse Book 3)

For We Are Many (Bobiverse Book 2)

AMA Responses 02

What’s the Point?

June 2022 (6)

What if WordPress Didn’t Exist?

We Are Legion (Bobiverse 1)

AMA Responses 01

Ask Me Anything

Segregating Email With Sub-Domains

Why Forced Password Changes Reduce Security

May 2022 (7)

Is DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckDone?

You Should Flip a Coin

A Brutally Simple Site

AirPods Pro - 1 Week Later

Alloy of Law (Mistborn 4)

AirPods Pro - First Impressions

The Expert vs the Impostor

April 2022 (6)

Why Are Newsletters So Painful?

Calamity (Reckoners Book 3)

The Design History of This Website

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Firefight (Reckoners Book 2)

Steelheart (Reckoners Book 1)

March 2022 (4)

The Mistborn Trilogy

Clocker - The Best Time Zone App for Mac

What Is a Linux User?

What Happened When I Replied to a Sponsored Content Email?

February 2022 (3)

What’s the Alternative to Firefox?

On Burnout

Gemini Isn’t The Solution To The Broken Web

January 2022 (6)

Oh Spotify…

How I Manage Content With Jekyll

I Broke My MacBook User Profile By Deleting A Single Folder

Comparing Static Site Hosts; Which Is The Best Host For A Static Site?

How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube For Beginners

My Predictions For 2022

December 2021 (4)

Testing Netlify Analytics

Be curious…

How To Add Search To A Jekyll Site

Goodbye WordPress, I’ve Switched To Jekyll (Again)

November 2021 (5)

Welcome to the RSS Club!

The Pagination Predicament

This Is What’s Wrong With The Linux Community

MacBook M1 - 4 Months Later

A Reality Where CSS And JavaScript Doesn’t Exist?

October 2021 (1)

Forget Twitter Threads; Write A Blog Post Instead!

September 2021 (4)

Pimping My Type - Improving My Website’s Typography

The Importance Of An About Page

Core Web Vitals and WordPress

The Hunt For Better WordPress Hosting

August 2021 (6)

The Time I Was Run Over Twice In One Day

Moving From Yoast To SEOPress

Adding The Post Title To My “Reply By Email” Button

Story Time

A Windows User’s First Impressions Of MacOS

I’m Newslettering Again!

July 2021 (7)

What’s In A Font? Website Typography Best Practices

Killing The Meta Letter

Migrating From Yoast To RankMath Broke My Site

How To Restore The Default PiHole Block List

The New Mycroft Mark II

A Sombre Goodbye To Linux

Online Conversations & Website Engagement

June 2021 (7)

Chasing Visitors - The Web Analytics Rabbit Hole

Building A Self-Hosted Journal

Internet Cold Callers & Their Link Sharing Emails

Why I Delete Old Content

[Response] Why Do People Use Medium Blogs?

Are WordPress Plugin Acquisitions Too Much?

Chrome’s Follow Button

May 2021 (4)

Why I Hate The Tux Linux Mascot

Is Windows Unstable? Here Are My Thoughts

Wanna Help With The 512KB Club?

The Back-end of Beyond

April 2021 (2)

What’s The Difference Between Padding And Margin?

Adding Some Whimsy & Character

March 2021 (5)

My Thoughts On Richard Stallman’s Return To the FSF Board

How To Speed Up WordPress

Getting started With Git - A Simple Beginner’s Guide

The Wonderful World Of WordPress Wizardry For Working With Websites

How To Remove The HTML Extension From A URL

February 2021 (4)

Is JavaScript Bad? Well, Only If You Are Using It Wrong

Upgrading My Desktop PC

My Thoughts On Micro.Blog

Evolving My Newsletter

January 2021 (9)

Life After WhatsApp; Becoming A Messenger Nomad

The Case Against Signal

How To Install Nextcloud On A Synology NAS

Trying Out

Pull & Backup Multiple GitHub Repositories With This Script

My Typical Day

Is There A Better Term Than “Google It”?

How To Build A Jekyll Site Using Simple.css

Simple.css - A Classless CSS Framework For Everyone

December 2020 (4)

I Messed Up

My Writing Workflow

If It’s Free, You’re The Product

Add A Date To Your Posts!

November 2020 (4)

Has Jupiter Broadcasting Gone Down The Pan?

Removing Support For The IndieWeb

My First Post On CSS Tricks

A Nod To The 90s Web

October 2020 (3)

Trying To Go Green With Local Fonts

Replacing FreshRSS With Miniflux

Looking After An Aquarium - How Much Work Is Involved?

September 2020 (5)

The Apple Walled Garden

Thinking About New Hardware

WordPress Creator Vs The Jamstack

Making A Light Website 08 - Replacing Images With CSS

Static Site Generators Revisited

August 2020 (4)

Domain Squatters Are The Scum Of The Earth

How To Setup Pi-hole On A Synology NAS

How To Use Your Own Router With Plusnet Fibre Broadband

How To Make Ubuntu Work Like Windows 10

July 2020 (2)

Which Is The Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

Synology vs Nextcloud - Which Is Better For A Home Server?

June 2020 (9)

Email Is Not Broken

How To Use A TP-Link Router With Sky Fibre Optic

How To Create An IndieWeb Profile

How To Backup Nextcloud

Why Does Logitech Hate Left Handed People?

How Much Does It Cost To Run This Blog?

How Does Mastodon Work?

Centralisation and Mastodon

My Thoughts On Pop OS 20.04 After One Month

May 2020 (18)

My History With Blogging

Mothballing The Meta Blog & My Plans For This Blog

Was Creating A Dedicated Niche Blog A Bad Idea?

How To Start A Blog If You’re Not A Nerd

Reviewing My Password Manager Database To Make Me More Secure

Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Blog

My Approach To My Career

100 Days To Offload & Over-Saturation

Git Lecture [video]

I Now Know How To use Git

Keybase, Zoom and Me

Confession: I Have No Idea How To Use Git

Adding A Scroll To Top Button Without JavaScript

Recommended Read - A Biker’s Life By Henry Cole

Which WordPress Plugins I Use

The Battle Of The Oscar Fish Tank

How Many Devices Is Too Many?

Spotify For The Win

April 2020 (13)

Making A Website 07 - A New Header & Footer

Writing With SEO In Mind

Is Dark Mode Good For Your Eyes?

My Thoughts On Ubuntu 20.04

100 Days To Offload

So You Want To Make It On The Fediverse?

Why I Have A Blog

How To Add An Old Post Notice To WordPress

Removing Mastodon Webmention From My IndieWeb

Rewriting My WordPress Site In HTML/CSS & Comparing Performance

Implementing The IndieWeb Into My Website

Why I Don’t Use A Static Site Generator

Why Having A Full Post RSS Feed Is A Good Idea

March 2020 (8)

How Websites Check Your Password

De-Googling My Life - 2 Years On

How To Cycle An Aquarium

How I Optimise My Website Performance

How The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Works

How to backup a Synology to Backblaze B2

Moving from Nextcloud to Synology

How To Create A Simple Install Script In Ubuntu

February 2020 (5)

The Case For WordPress

How To Add CSS Dark Mode To A Website

Making A Website 06 - Finishing Touches

Making A Website 05 - Adding A Blog

Decentralised SMTP Is For The Greater Good

January 2020 (11)

Making A Website 04 - Responsiveness

Making A Website - 03 Menus

Why Is Better Than Hacker News

Privacy On Mainstream Media

Migrate From Windows 7 To Linux

How To Self-Host Your Web Fonts

Making A Light Website - 02 Design

Excerpt vs Full Content?

Making A Website - 01 The Basics

How To Add A Custom Colour Palette To The Gutenberg Editor

Categorise Or Compartmentalise?

December 2019 (7)

How To Convert WordPress To Markdown

Privacy & Security Are Different - Round 2

Moving To Progressive Web Apps

Librem 5 - My Thoughts

Privacy & Security Are Different

Reasons Why Zoho Mail Is Better Than Gmail

How To Host Email With Your Own Domain

November 2019 (1)

Coming Full Circle - From Grav To WordPress

October 2019 (2)

What Is Self-Hosting?

Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook

September 2019 (3)

How Browser Fingerprinting Works

How Online Tracking Works

Commento - The Privacy Respecting Commenting System

August 2019 (2)

Please Add RSS Support To Your Site

Migrating from WordPress to Grav

June 2019 (3)

How To Install Nextcloud On Shared Hosting

How To Mount A Partition In Ubuntu

How To Setup A Nextcloud Server In Ubuntu

May 2019 (1)

Improving My Ubuntu Workflow

April 2019 (1)

My Home Server — 2 Months On

February 2019 (2)

Privacy vs “I have nothing to hide”

Building My Home Server

January 2019 (1)

I Nearly Lost All Of My Data!

December 2018 (2)

Ditching Android — 6 Weeks On

How Plus Addressing Can Prevent Spam

November 2018 (1)

Why I’m Ditching Android

October 2018 (3)

Juno Computers Jupiter Laptop Review

Elementary OS Juno Review

Why I Use Linux

September 2018 (2)

Are Biometrics A Good Idea?

How Migrate from Disqus to WordPress and Bypass Disqus’ Roadblocks

August 2018 (2)

What Is Two Factor Authentication?

Getting Started With Mastodon

July 2018 (1)

How To Secure WordPress

June 2018 (4)

More or Less WordPress Theme

Fix the Large CloudStation System Tray Icon in Ubuntu

Moving To A Static Website

Microsoft Acquires GitHub — My Thoughts

May 2018 (3)

Is A Password Book A Bad Idea?

De-Googling My Life — 6 Months On

Nextcloud On A Raspberry Pi 3+

March 2018 (1)

Why HTTPS Is Important

January 2018 (1)

Why Your Password Is Probably Crap

December 2017 (1)

Are Password Managers Really Worth It?

November 2017 (1)

De-Googling My Life 06 — What I Can’t Replace

October 2017 (4)

De-Googling My Life 05 — Gmail

De-Googling My Life 04 — Google Drive

Why You Should Own Your Own Domain

De-Googling My Life 03 — Google+

September 2017 (3)

De-Googling My Life 02 — Analytics

De-Googling My Life 01 — Browser & Search

De-Googling My Life Series

June 2017 (2)

Things To Consider When Starting A Blog

Medium Vs Ghost — Which One For a Personal Blog?

February 2017 (1)

Bitwarden — An Open Source Alternative to LastPass

February 2016 (1)

Social Experiment - How to Get Facebook Passwords

January 2016 (1)

WFT Happened? Is Google+ Dead?

December 2015 (1)

Sony & XBox DDoS Attack Warning at Christmas

November 2015 (1)

Red Poppy Fascism - Give Me a Break

October 2015 (1)

LastPass Joins LogMeIn - What Now?

September 2015 (2)

Stop Spam for Free with MX GuardDog

ZeXtras Review

August 2015 (1)

How To Stop Outgoing Mail On Zimbra From Being Delivered As Spam

July 2015 (1)

How to Setup a Zimbra Server

February 2015 (1)

Moving Away from Google - FINALLY!

December 2014 (1)

Build the Perfect Web Server

November 2014 (1)

Hudl 2 Review

October 2014 (1)

Digital Ocean Review

September 2014 (1)

How To Check If You Are Vulnerable To Bash Shellshock

July 2014 (1)

Leaving Ubuntu - Update

April 2014 (1)

How To Use FTP On A Chromebook

February 2014 (1)

CyanogenMod 11 Galaxy S3 Freezing

January 2014 (1)

Oh Freedom How I’ve Missed Thee!

December 2013 (1)

Selling Up & Moving On

November 2013 (1)

Moving Away From Gmail is Harder Than You Think

October 2013 (2)

Decisions Decisions…

Dreamhost - The Worst Web Host I’ve Ever Used

August 2013 (1)

I’m Writing for MakeUseOf

July 2013 (3)

Rodriguez - The Superstar That Never Was

How I Made a Successful Career In IT

How Many Projects Can One Person Run?

June 2013 (2)

My Name is Kev Quirk and I’m an Addict

Bringing it All In-House

May 2013 (2)

I’m Finally Home

Is It Right to Beg for Donations on a Blog?

March 2013 (2)

Windows 8 Isn’t That Bad

Why I’ll Leave Ubuntu Linux

February 2013 (1)

OwnCloud is Awesome

January 2013 (2)

British Army Cuts - What a Joke

Welcome to My New Site